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How to let your Ang Bao money last longer

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So, CNY is approaching in a few days’ time. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Ang Baos are red 

Fifties are blue

Give me your money

I’m not being funny

Mmhm It’s the time of the year where you make a mini windfall. Ideally, we’d all like to spend it on Mahjong or poker, particularly when our homes become mini gambling dens on said occasion. If not, the additional funds would be used to assist in our recovery from pre-CNY sales. And, if you’re like me, you’re probably saving up for your next trip overseas. Have I mentioned what a huge wet blanket it is having to spend your red packet money on everyday essentials, like daily meals?


Well, Lobang King Club has a sweet deal for you this week. We’re giving out a FREE SCOOP of Udders Ice Cream. No, stop pinching yourself. This is real life. Last week, we had Chocolatey Kit Kat. This week, it’s Cookies and Cream. Any guesses on what other flavours we’re giving out in the next few weeks?

Anyway, just do me a solid and go to our Facebook page for details.

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New Exclusive Deals category

Another money-saving tip for you – check out our new Exclusive Deals category for new deals that can only be found on Lobang King Club. The deals inside will only remain in the category for a month but can be accessed in other categories later.

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Current Exclusive Deals

Currently, we have a waffle set at Simply Gelato, a cozy cafe that serves artisan handmade, gluten free and no-preservative Gelato. We also have deals for lava toast at Meet & Melt and its successor, Bojio Cafe. And a little birdy told me that there’re more new deals in the works, so keep an eye out!


So rest assured, follow our tips to stretch your Ang Bao dollars. Like the fellas above, we’ve got your back.

Stay good, or orbigood!