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New Upcoming Giveaway!

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Aloha amigos, how was your Lunar New Year? Did you huat big time at the gambling table? Split 50-50 can?

28535965_10154664884419649_2006036246_nAnyway, first thing’s first, let’s congratulate the winner of our December giveaway, Reen Goh (pictured right). She walked away with a pair of Lunch Buffet vouchers for The Line at Shangri-La Hotel, one of the best buffet restaurants in Singapore!


Oh come on, don’t be sore. If the blues are getting to you, chillax la. We are going to have a crepe giveaway by iCrepe next week! These are exciting times we’re living in. Last month, we had our Udders giveaway and now this! Watch our social media for the giveaway details.


Also, on board with us are new merchants Fruiturday and The Naughty Corner Gelato. Both are offering hot deals – 1-for-1 deals from both merchants!

2018.02.28 Blog Post 3 Hot Deals Images

Our new 1-for-1 Hot Deals

After redeeming the hot deals from both merchants, check out the exclusive deals category for some refreshing deals from them as well! Particularly the bubblewrap waffle from The Naughty Corner Gelato, which is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I’m salivating just thinking about it. You definitely won’t want to miss out on that.

That’s it from me now. Stay good, or orbigood!