Lobang King Club members

There are so many Lobangs, how do I find what I want?
You can select the category of the Lobang you’re looking for. From there, you can narrow your search further by selecting the sub-category. You can even check what’s the most reviewed lobang, most popular lobang or our latest lobang etc. For example: F&B/Buffet/Most Popular
How do I know if the Lobang is good?
You can read up on the Lobang’s reviews by other users. As a form of quality assurance, our editorial team will be the first to purchase the Lobang.
How do I buy the Lobang I want?
You have to make your way to the merchant shop. Ask merchant staff to key in their access code and you’re done!
How do I get there?
There is a variety of ways which you can get there. Tap on “Via Uber” if you’re a Uber user. If you drive, simply tap on “Get There” on your Lobang screen. Alternatively, you can take a MRT over. If you’re a driver, simply tap on “Get There” in Lobang page. When you’re in Map View, you can tap on Navigate to use google maps for directions.
Why is there a “Call to Book” button on some Lobangs and not for others.
“Call to Book” function is a convenient way for you to make bookings in the event the merchant requires reservations. If you don’t see the button, the Lobang does not require reservations.
How do I earn points?
For every review you submit, you get to earn 100points. Depending on your status, you get to earn a minimum of 10points for every lobang you purchase. The higher status you achieve, the more points you earn.
What are the points for?
You can use your points to redeem the lobangs you want to purchase.
How to I achieve a higher status?
You can achieve a higher status by simply buying lobangs. Our status tier are as follows:
  • Lobang Jack (5000 accumulated points)
  • Lobang Queen (15, 000 accumulated points)
  • Lobang King (30, 000 accumulated points)

Merchant Partners

What is the sign-up fee?
There are no sign-up fees, registration fees or subscription fees. All we ask is that you offer our users your best deals!
Are there any minimum discounts I must offer for my deal?
No, there are no minimum discounts that we enforce. However, we sincerely seek a good offer that attracts consumers.
How do I list my offer with you?
All you have to do is register through this website or call our account managers. Yes it is that simple.
When can I collect payment for the deals sold?
Immediately! Lobang King club does not collect any payment from our users. All payments are made directly to you.
How long must my deal lasts?
We place no restrictions on deals validity. It can be valid for one month or seasonal offers.
Can I track my sales transactions from Lobang King Club?
Yes you can. You can even print a daily sales report for sales generated by Lobang King Club.
I do not own a shop but I sell my products online. Can I sign-up?
Unfortunately, Lobang King Club does not conduct online sales and transactions. Hence Lobang King Club is only available to brick & mortar merchants.
My business operation requires my customers to make a reservation in advance. Can customers make their reservations on the app?
Absolutely. For all merchant partners that require reservations, there is a “Call to Book” feature for users to book directly with you!
I have other queries before I sign-up. Who can I ask?
Just call our account managers and we will tend to your queries. Our contacts can be found on Contact Us.

Say hello admin@lobangking.club