The best

lobangs in town

Lobang King is a Mobile App that bridges consumers to Brick & Mortar Merchants who are offering their best lobangs.


How It Works


Users can choose to sign via Facebook or Mobile Number.


Users have a wide range of up to 16 categories such as F&B, Retail or Beauty & Salon to select for browsing.

Best Lobangs

User can find the best Lobangs our merchants are offering which describes the Lobang, how much is the Lobang and how good is the Lobang.


There are a variety of ways navigating users to the Lobang location. Users can choose from MRT, driving directions and even book an Uber drive!

Access Code

To purchase the Lobang, simple request for the access code from the merchant’s staff.

Why use Lobang King App?

Because we love to reward you for your lifestyle. Earn points for every Lobang you purchase and for every review posted. Once you have enough points, use your points to redeem your next Lobang!

Why use Lobang King App? Get to enjoy great ‘lobangs’ across 15 categories! Most importantly, you get to enjoy 50% discount or 1-for-1 deals under our ‘Hot Deals’ section of our app.

You can also earn points for every Lobang you purchase and for every review posted! You’ll be able to redeem your free Lobang with your points!

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